Brand Preview … McColl & Clan

McColl & Clan? Who is that? Is it some Scottish band, or maybe a type of shortbread? No, McColl&Clan is a hot new brand designed and created by Lusmila McColl. 
Lusmila is an half American, half Scottish, designer who began her ethical fashion brand by working with Harris Tweed, and has since showcased her works in Tokyo, New York and London throughout her career.  Lusmila’s vision of creating clothing which cares has led her to create ‘ Mccoll&clan, which makes every concerted effort and method to foster the growth and development of employing or developing materials produced with consciousness, care, and compassion to the environment, the workers, and the customer. This way, McColl&clan pieces retain their luxury, style and positive effect on the planet for years to come.’
Lusmila is a SEE designer – that’s Sustainable, Eco and Ethical! – and is committed to creating and distributing beautiful, high quality ethical clothing. In the last year, she has achieved some amazing things!  
* While showcasing in London in January, at the “The Good Fashion Show”, a runway event for


selected up-and-coming Ethical & Eco Fashion Designers, she realised she was the only American designer there…. woo for individuality! 


* She introduced Brooklyn to Harris Tweed!  In March she helped premier the Relic Harris Tweed & Vestige Fashion collection at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend F/W 2012, under a scholarship grant for Emerging Eco-Fashion Designers. Amazing!
* Not only does she create fashion, but she also tries to teach her values to others, which she certainly did whilst lecturing, judging, and showcasing her work at the First Annual Princeton University Sustainable


Fashion Initiative Weekend.
* Who remembers the jubilee? Lusmila was commissioned to make a dress with the ‘Official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Ethical Tartan’ as part of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. making its debut in The Scottish Parliament.
I’ve got to say – the lady has it all! She has an incredible history of hard work and, as a result, successes! 


Although McColl and Clan is based in New Jersey, USA, Lusmila very kindly offered to donate one of her amazing tshirts to the Bexceptional Birthday Giveaway. What a kind offer 🙂 Check herwork out here and follow her on twitter here
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Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Here are a few ethical/eco Christmas gifts that would make the perfect gifts for the ladies in your lives 🙂 
A scrummy, eco lipbalm made from Honey. Perfect for fighting chapped lips in this harsh winter weather. £1.99 from Jason Natural Care 
There are a tonne of gifts on Oxfam’s website, from individual presents like notebooks and candles, to more philanthropic pieces like this gift – where for £5, you make a  donation towards a farm yard in a developing country to help local communities prosper with safe access to food and income. 
Christmas gift wrap doesn’t have to be wasteful. This paper, by Alice Palace, is made from recycled paper, and you can reuse it again yourself once you’re through with it! Buy it here.
The Body Shop has their own selection of gifts under £10, and you can even go in a tailor make you own gift selections to add up to as much as you want to spend. Take a look here. My personal recommendations are the Cranberry Lip Balm, the highlighter wand and the Seaweed Night Clarifying treatment. However, if you’re looking for gifts for someone tricky, there are tonnes of little moisturisers and lip balms which everyone loves, so try a selection of those! 
These earrings are £10, from People Tree. They are stunning, and will carry through the party season and into spring 🙂
Crumple Designs is an unique jewellery company based in Oxfordshire, which makes paper jewellery from sustainable sources, and with 100% eco-friendly dyes and techniques. I actually know the designers personally and they are wonderful and always happy to chat about the ‘papertales’ behind their jewellery. Check them out here. 
These pants are ethically made in the UK< from waste fabrics that would have otherwise been sent to landfill. Check them out here, available from £18.
These are by no means the only things I could have included, if you’d like any advice or to ask any questions, please feel free to comment or drop me an email at ( I do love a chat!)

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Introducing… Albatross Clothing!

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a fab new British eco/ethical clothing brand called Albatross Clothing. 

They produce eco friendly t-shirts, that are not only made from sustainable materials, but also use eco-friendly inks and only use renewable energy to create their clothing. This means that not only are they helping to protect the environment through their smart choices of textiles and dyes, but they also prevent the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as they do not use polluting energy sources. Although I’m all for carbon offsetting, this company go one better in using renewable energy in the first place – so they have little carbon to offset…. yay 🙂 

Their t-shirts (currently their main clothing items) are all ‘designed by new up and coming, undiscovered creatives, giving you design work that cannot be found elsewhere’. Again, I love this as it means that not only are art and design students or newbies getting their prints and work out there, it means your clothes will be unique 🙂

My personal favourite is the Owly t-shirt… so cute, and currently very on trend! 

Find out more about them on their website, and follow them on twitterpinterest, facebook andwordpress!

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Ethical Fashion Blogathon : Ethical Superstore

Ethical Fashion Blogathon : Ethical Superstore

My final post of the day 🙂
The Ethical Superstore is a shop I’ve blogged about a lot of times before, and I’ve done a few posts entirely based on them on my other blog, which you can find HERE. 
The Ethical Superstore is an online ‘superstore’, which is run from Newcastle (yay for the North!).  They stock a huge range of products. They mostly stock household items and gifts, like foods and cushions,but do have a cute range of ethical fashion items too!
As is the nature of a ‘superstore’, they have a range of different eco fashion brands, and in particular have a lot of People Tree clothing at a discounted price. However, they do also have pieces from Komodo, MonkeeGenes, Pants to Poverty, Braintree and Nomads. 
The Ethical Super Store has a great manifesto, which shows how they very much live up to their slogan of ‘buy what you believe’. They make sure their packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, and only use suppliers which meet (externally assessed) criteria. 
The website features easily navigable social media and ‘community’ spaces, so you chose to follow them on twitter and facebook to find out about their most recent offers. One thing I love, is that there is a section called ‘Meet the Team’, and all the team members are given little avatar images and list their favourite items available in the Ethical Superstore. 
The Ethical Superstore is hours of fun – honestly. Their huge range of ‘eco’ options for daily items, like washing up liquid or toilet paper, is amazing. It’s like the Tesco Delivery of the eco world. Perfect. 
It’s really great to see a company like this which helps promote an eco friendly and socially conscious lifestyle, which is miles away from the stigma that keeps being attached to sustainable living. I’ll be placing my order for a mix of their range of hot chocolates any day now 😉 
Check out the rest of the day’s posts by clicking the image below:

This is it from me for today… I hope you’ve learnt something new and useful, and hopefully spotted something pretty! Let me know if you’d like any more information about today’s blogathon, or would like your brand/shop featured in the future!
Blog love!!!
Bex x 


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Ethical Fashion Blogathon: House of Beth

Ethical Fashion Blogathon: House of Beth

House of Beth is an intriguing on line boutique, which sells a mixture of ethical fashion pieces, and vintage finds. Even better, of all their sales, 50% of the profit goes straight to help stop human trafficking. 

The business is run by two women, Sarah and Talia, who not only run the online shop, but also provide up-cycling services for charity shops, and support ethical fashion labels in developing countries. Could they be any more forward thinking?

On their website they have a huge range of pieces, which obviously change regularly as they are almost all one off’s! 


Hose of Beth are also co-hosting a fabulous event in November, called ‘Fashioned for Freedom’. The evening will be a mixture of thought provoking ethical fashion reports and a cutting edge short film, followed by an auction of some great pieces, many of which have been donated by the likes of Livia Firth! The International Organisation of Migration will also be organising and co-hosting, so there’ll be plenty of information how you can help and get involved with anti human-trafficking campaigns. 

I will be there as ‘press’ and I’m already imagining what I’m going to wear… be there!

 For more information please see their website.

Check out the rest of today’s posts by clicking the image below!

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Ethical Fashion Blogathon: Purity Style

Ethical Fashion Blogathon : Purity Style

Everyone assumes that eco and ethical fashion is all about hippies, wheat and hemp, right? You honestly could not be more wrong, and I hope that this blogathon is beginning to open your eyes to all the fantastic ethical brands out there, ready for you to explore.
Purity Style is another ethical brand, based in Surrey, which is making marks in the ethical fashion world, for providing women and children with stylish, practical and ethical fashion. 

Their website states that ” Purity is a women’s and children’s organic and fair trade clothing boutique based in Farnham, Surrey” and that their environmental and social conscience is what drives them to make and stock such lovely ethical pieces. 

As well as clothing, they also have gifts, body care products and jewellery.

Here are a few of my favourites from their website:
(so sweet! A little girl’s pinafore dress!) 

As well as their online boutique, they also have a shop in Farnham, Surrey, so you can pop in and see everything before you buy! It also means you can put a face to a name, and meet the lovely owners.

They are currently running free Postage and Packaging (within the UK) on orders over £40, so why not check them out ?

Remember you can check out our other blog posts by clicking on the image below: 


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Ethical Fashion Blogathon: Whomadeyourpants?

Ethical Fashion Blogathon : Whomadeyourpants?

Go on… tell us ? Who made your pants? For most people, the answer is ‘I have no idea’. So many items in our wardrobe cannot be traced back to the site of their production, often not even to the area of the country they were produced in. 

  Who made your pants? is a fabulous company which states that …..

“Our pants are made for women, by women. They’re not bedroom pants, seduction pants or hello boys (or girls) pants – they a a little bit of gorgeous, just for you, every day” 
The pants are made from textiles taken from ‘end of line’ waste fabric from factories, and are lovingly sewn into new panties. Because of the way that they are made, each pair is slightly different, and once a line of fabric is finished, a new one is created with a new fabric.
The pants are made in a factory in Southampton (woop for British industry) where they employ women who are usually refugees, or immigrants with little hope of a positive future. There are a mixture of women there, and Whomadeyourpants? takes care of them, teaching them all the sewing skills that they need to make the beautiful panties we enjoy.
Personally – I love the fact that not only are the socially responsible, they are socially responsible within our own country. Although I am obviously 100% in support of training women in developing countries to create clothing, and promoting fair trade, it is always great to see a company tackle the issues we have at home too. 
At the moment, there is a limited edition pair of panties on sale, with £5 off the price until tomorrow morning. They are hot pink, and fabulous: 
Check them out here

Remember you can see our other posts here 


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Ethical Fashion Blogathon: Nomads Clothing

Good morning!
 OK, so today I am taking part in something pretty special. A group of fashion bloggers are going to spend the day posting about up and coming ethical brands, and some that are all ready very much successful, in order to raise money for a charity. As this is raising money for charity, I’d be very grateful if you could share these posts throughout the day ( I’ll be posting six over the next twelve hours), and please tweet/share/like/pin… whatever you like! The buttons below will take you to the hub of all the posts if you want to read what some of the other bloggers have been saying, and find out about some more ethical fashion brands! 


Nomads is an ethical clothing company which focusses on making eco-chic clothing, based around fair trade and eco-friendly principles. The company was established in 1989 by Vicky and Duncan (see them here!), who found inspiration in Indian fashion and textiles, and decided to launch a company which embodied the Indian sense of adventure within their clothing. 
If you’re worrying that Nomads clothing is going to be far too weird for you, and you’re scared that you’ll open their catalogue to find old men with big… wellies… wearing robes or pashminas, you are very wrong. 
This is one of their most popular dresses
Not scary at all is it? In fact, it’s beautiful!

The company makes women’s and men’s wear, which means that the men in your life can take a look at Nomad’s great range, and take a step towards introducing ethical fashion into their lives too!

Another fab reason to check them out, is that they are pretty inexpensive. Obviously, they are not Primark cheap, as their clothing is made with so much care and attention, and the worker’s are paid a good wage. But, £16 for a lovely dress? I think so! 
My personal favourites from the collection include this dress, and this cute bag.
So, do you need any more persuading? Take a look at their website here, and see what you can find? If you’re new to ethical fashion, or are perhaps a bit scared of wearing some of the vivid prints that Nomads makes so well, try one of the more muted pieces first, perhaps with black tights and dolly shoes? Print is still a big trend this autumn; why not follow fashion ethically?


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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just a quick post to say that I’m now on Bloglovin’, so you can follow me there 🙂

Bex x 

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Melissa Vegan Shoes

I’ve just been browsing through the Fashion-conscience website, and I am in LOVE with the new Melissa/ Jean Paul Gautier heels.

Although I’m a bit dubious of ‘vegan’ shoes, Melissa shoes are made from recycled and recyclable plastics, so although the plastic they are made from isn’t eco friendly, at least it will be used and reused again and again.
There are so many gorgeous pairs of Melissa shoes that I wish I could afford, but I think I’m going to save up and buy some with my first pay cheque when I graduate. Here’s a few of my favourites!

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